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    (0) Chippings

    If you're looking for an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your garden, granite chippings could be the answer. These chippings come in a variety of colours and finishes and have a sleek, modern appearance. Moreover, they are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and have a range of practical applications. At KJ Bromell, we are big fans of granite chippings and believe they can bring a lot of benefits to your garden.

    Granite chippings are a popular type of decorative stone used by landscapers for various purposes such as creating driveways, garden features, and borders, or for tidying up garden beds. These chippings come in a range of colours. For instance, the red colour variant is made using molten lava from within the earth's crust. Manufacturers crush the chippings into small stones that are easy to place in your garden or driveway.

    Granite chippings are a type of eroded igneous rock that can be used to cover garden flower beds. They offer protection to the plants around them by helping with drainage and preventing overwatering. Since they are a natural rock, they are softer compared to harsher gravel or wood chip alternatives and prevent the formation of puddles and stagnant water after heavy rainfall.

    Granite chippings are also an effective solution for weed prevention without the use of chemical weed killers. They are heavy enough to prevent weeds from growing upwards, making them much more efficient than other forms of gravel. For optimal weed growth prevention, we recommend laying around three to five inches of granite chipping which should ensure that there is no room for weeds to grow.

    (0) Velux

    VELUX are a popular and much loved provider of roof windows around the world. Their innovative designs help to create bright, healthy and energy-efficient homes. Whether you are adding a loft conversion or an extension to your home, VELUX windows are a fantastic way to add more daylight to an interior space.

    There are many benefits to VELUX windows, including added security, noise reduction and improved ventilation.

    One of the concerns people may have is how to open them as most of the time they are out of reach (unless you are as tall as the BFG). Luckily that's where the electric and solar roof windows come in. These roof windows can be opened and closed simply by the touch of a button, the same as any of the VELUX solar or electric blinds that are also fitted to the roof window.

    We all love how unpredictable the British weather is, luckily the VELUX INTEGRA roof windows are fitted with rain sensor technology which means they automatically close as soon as rain is detected making it very handy especially living in the UK.

    We all know there’s nothing worse than heading out for the day then wondering whether you left a window open. With the VELUX Departure Switch it can offer you peace of mind. It just needs to be placed by the front door or at any other exit point within your property, and secure the windows to ‘safe mode’ when the house is empty – either by closing fully or leaving the windows slightly open if the air quality needs any adjustment.

    If you are interested in any of the VELUX products, please contact us on any of our socials or visit our website at

    (0) Blog Introduction & Haemmerlin Crusader

    As many of you know we have recently decided to set up our own website which allows you to place your own orders as well as viewing your accounts. Along with this we will now be posting blogs on our website and on our socials, just a little way for us to keep you up to date with what's going on, and up to date with our latest and newest stock.

    We have recently started stocking the Haemmerlin Crusader Puncture Free Wheelbarrow.

    The team over at Haemmerlin released this product a few years ago and the reviews ever since have been nothing but great, so we thought it'll be the perfect time to get some in stock. The Crusader, billed as ‘The Ultimate Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow’ has a huge capacity of 120 litres, 6mm thick HDPE tray which is very easy to clean making it perfect for heavy landscaping, mortar and plaster. This is supported by the top of the range Alpha frame which not only goes underneath the tray, but right up its front to make it even stronger.

    This is mainly due to the wheel which offers better balance and control than other products on the market. The metal disc rim helps reduce flats and internal spindles making rotation much easier.

    The crusader also has bi-material handle grips allowing for more comfort when using the product giving you the perfect levels of comfort and support.

    If you are interested in getting your hands on The Crusader it is available at KJ Bromell now.